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The Northumberland Gazette reports that a local firm is in talks with Covance about acquiring the site. Covance made it known last September that the Alnwick site would close. The Pharma site provides over 130 local jobs.

Covance recently revealed that it is in negotiations: ‘Covance is starting consultation with employee representatives on current negotiations with Shott Trinova LLP. The negotiations include the transfer of the Covance Alnwick site and operations to a new company followed by a restructuring process.

‘Details of a potential agreement are part of the ongoing consultation with employee representatives and negotiations with Shott Trinova LLP. We anticipate completing negotiations and consultation in the first quarter of 2016’.

Shott Trinova is a Wolsington-based company that specialises in investment and advice focused on established small-and-medium-size-enterprises with high growth potential; it is active in the chemicals, materials, industrial biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and medical technology sectors

The Chronicle, a regional newspaper, quotes Ian Shott, Shott Trinova’s managing partner:

“Our aim is to build a long term business on that site and to stop it closing.” Mr Shott said the plan is to retain at least 50 of the jobs.

“I do not think all the jobs will be retained but we will try to retain a core. If we were not there, they would probably all be gone I think.”
Northumberland Gazette

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