There are a number of local public and private organisations in the area designed to provide a comprehensive range of business support services for companies of all sizes and capabilities.


The North East of England Process Industry Cluster

NEPIC is a stand-alone company, limited by guarantee, which was created and is owned by its member companies to represent the companies and supply chain of the process industry in the region.

Through a high level of engagement with its member companies and the credibility and support NEPIC receives from both public and private sector stakeholders, it has become a unified voice for the Process Industry in the North East England, where a substantial part of the UKs chemical, petrochemical, speciality chemical, pharmaceutical, polymer, biotechnology industries are based.
NEPIC, which is lead by senior industrialists, has a reputation for delivery of projects that enhance the sustainability of the Process Industry Sector. These projects are identified, developed and delivered through a series of Thrust Teams set up by the industry.



Newcastle University micro-incubator facilities

Newcastle Biomedicine runs two laboratory incubator facilities for early-stage bio-technology and life sciences companies. The facilities come equipped with basic laboratory and office space, and some shared communal space (such as kitchen and networking spaces).

The two facilities are designed to allow commercial organisations to interact closely with university academics, providing access (at commercial rates) to specialists, whilst maintining a clear separation from university labs.

The labs embedded within Newcastle University Medical School are designed for smaller, earlier-stage companies, with most having 2-5 staff members; whilst the labs provided in university space at the International Centre for Life are a little larger and more likely to be used by slightly more mature companies (although this differentiation is not rigidly enforced).




Bionow is a specialist business development and services company focused on the biomedical industry in the North of England. It provides innovative products and services that deliver tangible value, enabling its members to be the most productive and competitive in the world.  The biomedical sector spans biotech, pharmaceutical, healthcare, medical devices and the specialist supply chain.

Its offerings include procurement, insurance, recruitment, training plus specialist events (both local and national) and access into a large vibrant network of businesses, Universities and NHS organisations. The Bionow membership scheme has over 180 subscribing members who all benefit from savings, connections and increased profile. Bionow often works flexibly with its larger member companies to provide bespoke assistance with major investment projects.

The North is home to one of the UK’s largest biomedical clusters with

  • a core base of 1000 life science and healthcare companies
  • leading global pharmaceutical and healthcare companies
  • combined employment of 38,000 with a turnover of £10.5bn
  • international recognition as a vibrant community in a strategic location.

Bionow is uniquely placed to offer economic development advice and consultancy in this key sector. It supports LEPs, NHS Trusts and other public bodies via its experienced senior team, and it has a strong track record in this area.

info@bionow.co.uk         www.bionow.co.uk

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