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Bionow is working in partnership with the Business Growth Hub at Economic Solutions in Manchester to deliver a focused program of mentoring to support biomedical businesses across the North of England.

The northern partnership will work in concert with the Stevenage Biocatalyst and Winning Pitch to provide a specialist mentor/mentee network with national reach. The program is one of 13 sector-specific mentoring  projects which will share £1.27 million of government funding  which has been more than matched by industry making a total investment of £2.69 million.

Bionow and the Business Growth Hub will bring together experienced mentors and mentees to develop a professional relationship in which the mentor will assist the mentee in developing specific skills and knowledge that will enhance the mentee’s professional and personal growth. Participation is on a voluntary basis with mentors and mentees committing to work together for 12 months in a supported relationship. Bionow will be reaching out to its Members and contacts in the coming weeks to explain the program and its benefits. We will gather a sound understanding of potential mentees’ needs and mentors’ expertise and interested participants will be invited to learn more at a Mentoring Induction Event after which mentors and mentees will be carefully ‘matched’.

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