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The Cleanrooms: Principles in Practice Course provides a holistic view of the design, operation and management of cleanrooms and is suitable for all personnel who work in or manage a clean room environment. As leading consultants in sterile process manufacturing, terminal sterilisation and aseptic production, the Honeyman Group have a wealth of experience in the design, build, validation and ongoing monitoring of cleanrooms. Working with many of the world’s leading pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers, the Honeyman Group are currently involved with a number of cleanroom design projects encompassing feasibility studies, design and build specifications and risk assessments. The Honeyman Group’s Analytical Services Laboratory works with a number of clients to evaluate, advise upon and develop ongoing environmental monitoring, cleaning validation and disinfectant efficacy programmes.

Successful cleanroom design and management requires an understanding of the regulatory expectations for the processes conducted, how the design is demonstrated to work as intended and continues to do so while accommodating the rigours of day to day use. This three day course delivers a comprehensive overview of the regulatory and design requirements of the cleanroom facility, highlights the interaction between materials and personnel within the cleanroom, examines the principles of HVAC design, filters and air filtration and provides guidelines for ongoing contamination control through environmental monitoring and cleaning.

The course has been developed by industry experts in cleanroom design, cleanroom validation, microbiology and quality assurance. The most effective way of understanding clean room operations is to be involved in hands on exercises, demonstrations and workshops, therefore this course will be reinforced by all three practical sessions.

Tuesday 11 – Thursday 13 March 2014
Barnard Castle, UK

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