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At the workshop in January there was some discussion on the use of Social Media and other on-line communications.

In general the Pharma sector makes little use of the media and is indeed very reluctant to do so.  There are one or two that do make use of social media.  It may be useful to read the following article ( where the author describes the sector as having an anxiety disorder and this needs to be remedied first to allow the sector to embrace the potential properly.  Whilst the article is written from a US perspective it is equally applicable in the UK.  One solution suggested is to engage senior managers more, so they can see the potential.

A more in-depth analysis of the use of social media is contained in this article (

It gives a view on how pharma companies are using Social Media. It challenges that whilst some of Big Pharma has a presence which allows them to tick the” Social Media” box, the content is pretty superficial.  It is argued that if an alternate approach is taken there is a huge potential to be harnessed.

What are your experiences of using Social Media?

For those that use it, what is the primary aim?

For those that don’t, what stops you using it?  Is it a case of time constraints, confidentiality concerns, corporate policy or just can’t see any benefits?

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