Ian Mains

A passion for skills Listening to Ian speak about his role as Commercial Director of the National Skills Academy Process Industries (the Academy), you get the feeling of someone really being ‘at [...]

Jeff Errington

View from the top Despite practising in what he terms as ‘a slightly unfashionable area’, Jeff Errington – and his seminal work in bacterial cell biology – has been recognised [...]

Jim Malloy

Leveraging the ‘Clever Stuff’ – Jim Malloy joined Tyne and Wear Development Company (TWDC) from the Ministry of Defence (MoD) owned Defence Diversification Agency. There he was responsible [...]

Philip Jones

The Business of People. For someone who’s never lived in North East England, Phil sure is a fan of the area. He’s been heavily involved in its growth and development for many years during his [...]

Joanna Woolf

Lone Woolf. There are lots of routes to success. Quite aptly, Joanna Woolf, CEO of Cogent and with a background of more than 20 years in industry, including Oil and Gas and Chemicals, took an [...]

Dennis Lendrem

Well, why not? Dennis Lendrem thinks differently from most people. He takes accepted theories and approaches them from behind. Or upside down. Or even back to front. If accepted wisdom is that [...]

David Simpson

Making your own luck It’s been a bit of a whirlwind for University of Bath spinout company Glythera. A year ago it had great technology but was in a holding position whilst raising the investment [...]

Jarrett Palmer

Leaning Towards Success. Originally a University of Northumbria graduate, Jarrett Palmer has worked extensively around the world, training in and implementing Lean principles. Jarrett was wooed [...]

Malcolm Young

Young Gun. Currently CE of e-Therapeutics – a publicly owned business and pioneer of network pharmacology – Professor Malcolm Young has previously been prominent in academia and started his own [...]

Sally Old

A Study in Ambition. Sally Old has progressed from junior bench scientist to senior management, along the way unwittingly carving out a niche as being one of the few women to reach head of [...]