Money is no Longer the Only Currency.

With current thinking suggesting that traditional reward structures are no longer appropriate as they encourage myopic thinking, Paul Quigley demonstrates how Shasun is using various motivational tools to help drive productivity.

As Head of Technical Services (R&D) at Shasun Pharma Solutions Ltd., Paul’s focus is on motivating his team. A ‘very employable’ group of people with invaluable skill sets, even in this economy Paul is conscious of the need to keep his people motivated in order to keep them. ‘Ours is a hi-tech field so I try to challenge them a lot and set them targets that will encourage them to take ownership of situations. Many are PhD chemists so they are competent and ambitious people looking to continuously develop themselves.’

Paul believes that his team is motivated by a variety of factors and is confident about what Shasun can offer its people to hold their interest. ‘We’re not a huge company but we can incentivise our folk in different ways.’ As would be expected, Shasun provides a number of training options and develops skill sets across different projects whilst enhancing peoples’ technical skills. The company also uses a career ladder within Technical Services that allows chemists to advance to the role of Senior Scientist and then aspire to be one of four Laboratory Project Managers.

But, thanks to its structure, Shasun also has the opportunity to be more creative in its offerings. Being a part of an Indian operation means that Shasun is in a unique position to offer its people international exposure through voluntary secondments in its Indian sites, and have its Indian counterparts come to England to share their knowledge and skills.

While Shasun stands out within the industry from a technical perspective, it also recognises the importance of ‘soft skills’.

We’re a contract service company in a high service field so the people we put in front of our customers have to be able to comfortably and easily communicate our ideas and products. We’re aware of this right at the onset of the recruitment process which aims to test a candidate from both technical and interpersonal skills perspectives.”

While Paul hangs on tightly to his team against the competition, he understands that there needs to be room to move within the company, and encourages promotion and diversification within Shasun. Technical Services in Shasun is recognised as the breeding ground for opportunities elsewhere in the company. Whilst some chemists prefer a career ‘at the bench’, others take up their chance to move within the company. With most vacancies initially advertised internally, chemists applying for these positions can move to a variety of disciplines, including New Product Introduction, Manufacturing, Process Support, Health and Safety, and Commercial.

Strangely, with all this people insight, Paul has no HR background. In describing himself Paul says right off, ‘I’m an Irishman’, as if that explained everything (and maybe it does). With a PhD from the University of Dublin, Paul left Ireland in the late ‘80s when its economy was a ‘basket case’. There followed much to-ing and fro-ing between England and Ireland, until he moved to NE England in 2001. With various family members already located there, he and his wife soon settled.

‘I’ve not regretted it at all. I’m very happy at Shasun. There’s lots of potential here and a bit of a buzz, actually. It’s been difficult of course and we suffered with the credit crunch like many of our peers, but our Indian parent has supported us throughout and as things improve I’m very excited about the company’s future. We’ve had to make some tough choices but I expect this past financial year to be one of the very best in decades. It’s a tough world out there but I’ll wait to see what happens. I’m an Irishman…’


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