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Newcastle student at Kuro Dragon, an animation company in Gateshead

What can a student do for your company?

They “….. bring new blood into the business with fresh ideas.  Allows the company the space to try innovative ideas that would be unavailable otherwise.” (Bill Shepherd, Photon Fire Ltd)

For the last two summers, our energy company has taken three Newcastle students as interns over the summer.  We have found them hard working and committed.  They have produced very good work, for example putting together a due diligence report for one of our clients on a potential acquisition.  Newcastle University also offers longer placements and has provided this information:

Have you considered employing a student for a 9-12 month placement?

Newcastle University recognises not only the impact that a placement can have on a student, but also what students can do for a business over the course of a 9-12 month placement. This is why all undergraduate students are encouraged to undertake an optional placement year after their penultimate year of their degree.

Why employ a placement student?

Placements have become a key part of the graduate recruitment process with employers looking to their placement students as their future talent pool.  The placement year can become a year-long interview process for you, with students aware of this and keen to impress and make an impact.

Most students undertake a placement year after their penultimate year of study, meaning they can apply the knowledge and skills they have learned so far, within your team. Employing a placement student could also bring a fresh perspective and new ideas to your business.

What kinds of students undertake placements?

Students from the vast majority of our degree programmes now have the option to undertake a 9-12 month placement. Our students work within a wide variety of departments, in companies across all sectors, meaning that a student placement could add value to a range of departments within your organisation.

We recognise that it is an investment to take on a placement student, particularly in a scientific or technical organisation undertaking complex work. Our degrees provide students with specialist knowledge and practical skills, delivered through expert teaching, to prepare them for a career in the Pharmaceutical industry. You can find out about the degrees that we offer here.

This year we have students undertaking placements with a diverse range of employers with roles including Data Analyst, New Product Development and Technologists, Trainee Design Engineer and Animal Keeper.

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